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Adventure Force Nexus Pro

The blaster world is currently buzzing with the arrival of the Adventure Force Nexus Pro. Made by Dart Zone and sold exclusively through Walmart, this takes the power and accuracy of the Dart zone Pro Mk 1 and Mk 1.1 and SHOVES it into an elegantly less expensive $50 product. I reached out to Dart Zone for some additional answers. Their answers are in bold.

  1. “How different is the Nexus from the mk 1 and mk 1.1? Is the power and accuracy comparable between them? – “The Nexus Pro does include a metal internal barrel.  It is marketed to do up to 125 Feet, but we have seen Chronographs with even higher results.  The MK 1 and MK 1.1 do FPS over up to 150 FPS or higher from 2019 testing and reports. The MK 1 and the MK 1.1 have two aluminum priming arms with take-down pins while the Nexus Pro is a solid body blaster.  The MK 1 and MK 1.1 just offers a different feel in your hands as compared to a solid body plastic blaster.
  1. What ages are recommended for Nexus Pro? “14+
  1. Are there any notes on accuracy or performance between using bamboo darts or the Adventure Force half darts? – “Internal testing does show the accuracy and performance is higher with the Bamboo darts; however, the Adventure Force Pro Half-Length Darts share a similar tip to the Bamboo Darts so that we get the maximum performance with standard extruded foam body.”
  1. Any news on sales out of the US? Other countries where Nexus might? – “We think the community will be happy with the upcoming news in September, but the Nexus Pro and the 100 Round Pro Dart Refill launch 8/1 exclusively at Wal-Mart and in the US.
  1. There are reports that Nexus and DZ Pro mags are not 100% cross compatible. Can you confirm? – “DZ Pro magazines work with the MK 1 and MK 1.1 series.  The DZ Pro series accepts and works with other blaster magazines as well as the Nexus Pro magazines.  DZ Pro magazines are not backwards compatible at this time.
  1. How much feedback from the Mk 1 and 1.1 was implemented into the design of the Nexus? – “We are always learning and listening to the audience and trying to package as much as possible into a new blaster at a particular retail price.  The main thing is that we try to give the consumer as much as possible and to deliver an item that exceeds consumer expectations.
  1. Some circles consider a specific play pattern/sport activity use with the Nexus. Was there any thinking of this to become the official/unofficial blaster for a specific game? – “We have not officially been involved in these types of discussions, but we would love to hear your thoughts on this topic.  We are the blaster master chef.  We prepare the blaster, and we don’t necessarily set out to restrict the item to any specific play pattern.  However, we know there are many options because you can really take aim and hit a target from a meaningful distance consistently which is a real validation.
  1. As AF now proceeds with adopting the  original dz pro design, can we expect something new in the future such as a pistol? Or continued tweaks/improvements to the base model?” – “We are not done yet.  Dart Zone Pro has more coming.

I can always follow up with additional questions to the companies I deal with, so if you have anything you want me to send up the chain, comment below! The biggest piece here then will be to see what distribution news happens in September, but until then just enjoy the rollout of the Nexus Pro. Be safe out there!

Bookmark this page, as new information comes in I will update here to be my main Dart Zone info repository.