Nerf Rapidstrike in the Wild? Can anyone in the Philippines confirm?

Got this dropped onto me on Facebook today that Nerf Rapidstrikes are available and out in stores there.  (Thanks to D.B. for dropping me a note on Facebook to check Nerf’s Facebook page, and there we are.)

Can anyone else confirm Nerf Elite Rapidstrikes are at this location?  Send pics!

Again, no pics were posted so far and I’m waiting to confirm, but here’s hoping it’s true!

Here’s the confirmed photos!  (Courtesy of Nerf Club Philippines)

WHOA: Nerf Revonix – found in the wild?

While scanning through instagram… found this new shot of a Nerf Revonix 360 (so did Basic Nerf).  Not a website and not from Toy Fair, but user “daltontheamazing” might have a nerf Vortex Revonix 360 of his own, judging by the picture.
I thought the Revonix was not scheduled ’til the Fall, but release dates do get fuzzy!  Looks like his location is set in Rhode Island too… so the plot thickens.  (Anyone remember the Pyragon leak last year?)
Anyway, of note is the discs are white (and what looks like a red one?) As opposed to the red/white ones I saw at Toy Fair and the green ones in some of those store photos.
Interesting… very interesting.
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