New York Toy Fair photos cont. – Action figure/related toys

Not quite educational, but a lot of the other action kinda toys that I liked when I was younger/even now, hah! In no particular order, Bandai (famously known for Power Rangers, Thundercats, Ben 10, and recently for Pocoyo and Dorothy of Oz later this year)! Power Rangers Pocoyo! Godzilla Thundercats – YES THAT IS AContinue reading “New York Toy Fair photos cont. – Action figure/related toys”

THE BIG SHOW – Welcome to Toy Fair 2011

Wow. So, I went to Toy Fair. My story is a blog entry in and of itself, but you’re probably not here for pages of witty observation. The saying goes, a picture is worth a thousand words… so let me tell by show. Some initial pictures! Now for the bread and butter ofContinue reading “THE BIG SHOW – Welcome to Toy Fair 2011”