Drone Slayer Blasters

TOY FAIR 2019 PREVIEW: Drone Slayer (Far Out Toys)

MSRP: $29.99/$19.99/$9.99 / 8+ / Fall

Evil Drones are invading, and only YOU can stop them! Launching in Fall 2019 with three new items and a slate of original video content, the Drone Slayer brand recruits kids everywhere to join the battle against invading drones. Every set comes with a high-powered dart blaster and a drone that reacts explosively upon impact. The Drone Slayer property will also play out online with a multi-episode YouTube series, and an immersive website where kids can join the hunt for evil drones with interactive features and training challenges.

For the ultimate play, Drone Slayer – Air Assault enables kids to enhance and perfect their battle skills by playing against hi-tech flying, moving targets. This built-for-action Drone Slayer combo includes an active self-flying drone and a premium 20” dart blaster to take it down. Just start the self-flying ­drone, and as it hovers overhead, take aim and fire away. The flying drone explodes on impact and kids can put it back together again for endless air assault play!

To prepare for land-locked drones, Drone Slayer – Ground Assault packs a mighty punch in blaster play. This system enables kids and teens to practice their blaster skills against a hi-tech, independent moving ground drone! Just like the Air Assault system, when blasted, these drones explode on contact! They can be put back together again and again to keep the fun going all day!

To battle the drones that lurk in the shadows, there’s Drone Slayer – Sentinel. Kids practice their battle skills in this War of the Drones, taking aim against a stationary drone target with a compact, high-powered dart blaster. When hit, the target springs into the air for immediate blast gratification!

Each Drone Slayer kit comes with a unique high-powered dart blaster and 6 foam darts.