D-Dart Blasters!

ADDED: Additional photos and FIRING VIDEO:



D-Dart Toy blaster at German Toy Fair

Not much is known about this type of blaster yet, except that it is a HUGE MOTORIZED FULL AUTO TURRET. 28 shots, it looks like? And a range of 22 meters, just a little over 70′. Powered by 4 AAA batteries, which seems a little odd but I’ll see how it works! I’ll be looking for these at Toy Fair! No word yet on American distribution, this image is from the German Toy Fair courtesy of ToyQueen.

Keep you posted as I learn more!


A little Q&A:

1) Do these blasters accommodate darts from other blaster brands? Cross-compatibility is important.

[Yes] but not sure which. Our dart is 2.68 inches

2) The rotating drum, is it possible to remove and replace an empty drum with a fully loaded one? Or is the drum entirely secured and not removable at all? This leads to reloading speed for some players.

It is not possible to remove the drum on this version. We are working on that on future versions. There is a knob on the back that you turn that will allow for quick rotation of the drum that eases the loading process, but probably not as quick as having a removable drum.

3) Are the darts suction tip? Or flat? It’s a little hard to tell in some shots.

The darts that we will be providing will be flat.


diagram of d-dart blaster features