Weekend Update: Nation Vs Zombies

Heading to Nation Vs Zombies this weekend! Not as player, but in a press/media capacity, I leave tomorrow for what looks to be an HvZ of a different scale. They aim to have players from every corner of the United States (and what looks to be the continent, given players from Canada seem to beContinue reading “Weekend Update: Nation Vs Zombies”

Unboxing Zuru Sample Box (Bug Attack, XShot blasters)

Unboxing Video: Zuru Samples arrived! Many thanks to Zuru Toys for the samples! Here’s an unboxing while I get working on reviews. The Bug Attack Eliminator and I believe the XShot blasters are in stores already elsewhere, but they’ve been pretty spare in availability where I live. I am really just seeing them in largerContinue reading “Unboxing Zuru Sample Box (Bug Attack, XShot blasters)”

Nerf Mega Mastodon: Postgame Writeup/Review

Nerf Mega Mastodon Postgame WriteupVas The Stampede Testing if the Mega Mastodon gets 100′ –  Note: I will eventually add in-game footage using the Mastodon here. Watch this space for a future edit. Basics:Range: 80′-100′MSRP: $79.99Capacity: 24 Mega Darts Includes: strap, blaster, ammo Full Auto firing capability   https://photos.gstatic.com/media/slideshow.swf Took the Nerf Mega Mastodon out forContinue reading “Nerf Mega Mastodon: Postgame Writeup/Review”

Nerf Alien Menace darts spotted?

Edit: photo was originally posted at blastermodshop (https://facebook.com/BlasterModShop/) on Facebook, just got brought up to speed. Caught this on Instagram…Nerf Alien Menace ammo is available… Somewhere? Brace your wallets!

Nerf Mastodon: Wild Pics!

Hey all! JUST bought the Nerf Mega Mastodon, and while I need video, here are pics from opening the box! Assembly is not as bad as it looks, but make sure you have a screwdriver that goes far enough into the screw port on the battery cover. $79.99 at Target, and bonus cause there isContinue reading “Nerf Mastodon: Wild Pics!”