Nerf ZombieStrike Sledgefire Review

io9 broke the news initially months ago, and now the samples are in!  Well, they’ve been in, as Basic Nerf has been doing his thing and after tooling around with these for a bit, I’ve got something to say. F2A jersey not included 😛 Firing video: Stats: Nerf Zombie Strike SledgefireApprox. $27.99, available August 1,Continue reading “Nerf ZombieStrike Sledgefire Review”

Nerf Revonix360, ZombieStrike Sledgefire, and Nerf Elite Rapidstrike

EDIT 1:  NERF REVONIX 360 FIRING VIDEO: (No range test yet, it’s coming along with the full review.  Just wanted to get SOMETHING up and posted for you all). EDIT 2: Galleries and some photo spam! Samples received!  Reviews and pics to follow.

Nerf ZombieStrike Sledgefire Unboxing ( video)

Spotted this via ExtremeNerf but posted an unboxing video of The Nerf ZombieStrike Sledgefire! Video is below – it’s in German though, just so you know. Definitely jazzed about seeing this for myself now, it definitely looks like it has better firing on all three darts as opposed to the Triple Shot, which performedContinue reading “Nerf ZombieStrike Sledgefire Unboxing ( video)”

Nerf ZombieStrike Rises at San Diego Comic Con! (SDCC)

So, first saw Atamaii‘s video pop up on Urban Taggers and here we are, ZOMBIESTRIKE.  FROM NERF.  At least through 2014.  Here’s the video followed by some screencaps of interest from the video (edited to properly link Atamaii’s web site in addition to the youtube channel and clarify screen caps came from Atamaii’s video) –Continue reading “Nerf ZombieStrike Rises at San Diego Comic Con! (SDCC)”

Nerf Rebelle, the promo video! Thanks for putting this out there, Nerf Canterbury! ( they posted this promo video for Nerf Rebelle, and the girls have as much of a game face as the boys do! (Though admittedly, a little surprised at the lack of acrobatics that N-Strike Elite tends to have, I know for a fact there areContinue reading “Nerf Rebelle, the promo video!”

F2A Review: JT Splatmaster z300

JT Splatmaster z300 Sniper You know the drill. First, a little more about what JT Splatmaster is about, what the JT First Shot Challenge is, and where Splatmaster is going next, thanks to Rich Telford (XSV Paintball), commissioner of the JT First Shot Challenge, Pro Paintball player (for 20 years now), and overall cool guy:Continue reading “F2A Review: JT Splatmaster z300”

Nerf Fall 2013 AND Nerf Spring 2014 – Nerf ZombieStrike Revealed!

Geek website io9 has the inside track on the Nerf Zombie Strike releases! – Here’s the info from io9 (and the press release myself and the other bloggers received) so enjoy!  I’ll have to get back and do some proper analysis a little later today. The first wave of the Zombie Strike blasters are toContinue reading “Nerf Fall 2013 AND Nerf Spring 2014 – Nerf ZombieStrike Revealed!”